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Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

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How to Use

  • The Total Body Pregnancy Pillow helps you get a better night s rest whether you re pregnant or not.
  • This U shaped body pillow conforms to your body s natural curve to help provide support for your back neck and pregnant belly.
  • Adjustable polyfill material helps provide relief from stress points as well as neck and back pain.
  • This body pillow is perfect for anyone who needs more support for their back or legs when they sleep but this pillow truly shines as a maternity pillow. Especially for women in the 3rd trimester pregnancy pain discomfort and overheating can really make sleeping difficult.
  • Our U shaped pregnancy pillow was designed to replace the many other pillows you d need to use at night to support your head neck legs back and especially your tummy. Includes a detachable extension for additional support.
  • Makes an excellent nursing pillow too! Includes a machine washable thermoregulating pillow case.


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How it works?

The U-shaped Total Body Pregnancy Pillow supports your whole body from your head and neck to your back, belly, knees, and ankles.

A pregnancy pillow is a great investment because it is useful not only during your pregnancy but afterward as well.

This has been proven to alleviate aches and pains, promote blood flow, improves sleep, and provide postpartum support.

Stay Cool While Sleeping

The Total Body Pregnancy Pillow's innovative design keeps the body cool with its ice silk fabric.

Great For Postpartum Support

A maternity pillow will be useful even after the baby’s birth as it will help you to put your baby in the right position during breastfeeding, for the baby to learn how to latch properly.